BNI TV Project

What is it?

BNI is the world’s largest business networking, referral and word-of-mouth marketing organization. The BNI Project is offered by TekWav and evolved in response to the BNI Givers Gain philosophy. The purpose is to assist fellow BNI members locally by generating more referrals, inside and outside the organization utilizing networked televisions for messaging and advertising purposes.

How does it work?

At a BNI member’s location, a television and computer is installed to showcase the business through static images that are created and uploaded by the participating member. Each participating BNI member will have an image/message (basically a static commercial) which rotates with other members’ images on each television in the networked locations.

What are the benefits?

Benefits of this TV Network include:

  • Keep the staff (of the TV location) informed of BNI Members’ services that are shown on the TV (to generate more referrals)
    • Ask Eddie Brown at B&B Automotive how he’s generated more referrals from this
  • Showcase your company in front of the TV location’s patrons
    • Ask Javier Nieto at Advanced Cooling about his referral from his TV exposure at Michael Baecht’s Goldstar CarpetOne location
  • Get more BNI members!
    • Ask Tedra Franklin at Painting With A Twist on how people have asked her how to be on the BNI TV

What is shown?

Only active BNI member images are shown on the TV and only active BNI members will be able to host a TV. See the current live feed below for an example!

Current live feed

What are the current locations?

The list of locations is growing. Members are encouraged to share the benefits of hosting a tv with other BNI members to help increase exposure and viewership.

(As an additional benefit, when TekWav sets up Digital Signage for events, we set up an additional TV to show the BNI TV Network to further increase the exposure of the BNI Members)

What are the costs?

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