Community TV

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A new generation of Community TV helps connect the public with local events and emergency alerts

What is it?

A direct broadcast network which gives people events, activities, and real-time news is expanding throughout the community. Community-based digital signage networks are more relevant to the viewer than many other forms of digital communications. The messages on these displays carry a looped sequence of digital flyers and information that can be shown anywhere.

What kind of information?

Nonprofit organizations share information about their programs and services, blood drives, community parades, art festivals and fundraisers such as golf tournaments and 5K runs.

Local officials post emergency alerts such as boil orders, silver and amber alerts, road conditions, school closings and severe weather alerts.

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Current live feed

Your Message on Community TV

If you are a nonprofit or governmental entity, you are eligible to broadcast your digital flyer with your message and design graphics (FREE!) to TekWav’s network of community televisions placed throughout the area. See More

What it is: Community TV broadcasts your message, in the form of a digital flyer, to those accessing networked systems. Your information is viewed, in a looped sequence with other subscribers in locations such as local Chambers of Commerce, businesses, and government offices.

How you benefit: The service is free to all Chamber of Commerce members. Your message is quickly and easily disbursed. You can announce events, publish news, share information. Distribution through local Chambers of Commerce throughout networked systems allows your message to be seen by many who might not otherwise access it.

How it works: You must be a member of your local Chamber of Commerce to participate. You prepare your “digital flyer” image and submit it to your local Chamber where it will be uploaded and distributed within a X hour timeframe. You can change your message as often as you like by submitting new content and design to the Chamber. Each networked location has the right to decline or remove certain images or messages if they are inconsistent with policy/practices.

What is the cost? Free to Chamber of Commerce members.

What is excluded: Community TV does not air “commercials” that sell products or promote a business. Rather, it is a way nonprofits, government offices, and others can distribute information quickly. Content might show voting locations, announce an event sponsored by a nonprofit, give information about upcoming classes or seminars, or detail instructions for recycling. Show Less

Hosting Community TV

If you are a Chamber of Commerce member, you may be eligible to display announcements and events on a community television installed in your business location. Community service announcements are handled through the Chamber and broadcast to TekWav’s networked televisions hosted by participating members. Learn more about affordable options for your location. See More

What it is: Community TV broadcasts public service type messages on television screens that are networked through the local Chamber of Commerce. Information is viewed in a looped sequence so that content changes every few seconds. Local Chamber of Commerce members are eligible to participate.

How you benefit: Your networked television becomes a bulletin board for information of interest to your customers or those who frequent your location. It holds important PR advantages for you, as well as attracting people to your location for information.

How it works: You will need a single 110v power outlet and internet access. A site survey is conducted to assess local requirements and best location for optimal viewership. TekWav will provide a 45-50” television mounted in a vertical/portrait orientation. We will also provide the mounting bracket, battery backup and computer cable. We will mount the television for you on a sheetrock wall with wood studs, although please be aware that challenging installation requirements may incur additional costs. You have the ability to log into the system to view images and remove any at your discretion. Note that the images will uploaded for your use by local Chambers of Commerce, so content will have been previously viewed.

What is the cost? Give us a call at 903-375-9787 Show Less

Sponsoring Community TV

Extend your visibility with an exciting new opportunity to sponsor one of TekWav’s networked community televisions for a local nonprofit. Affordable options include on-screen and signage display with your logo. Learn more about how to increase your business’s visibility while helping a nonprofit agency. See More

What it is: You have the opportunity to sponsor a networked community television to be set up and managed at another location, such as a nonprofit organization’s lobby area.

How you benefit: The sponsorship may be considered a charitable donation, but you will want to check with your accountant. You can arrange for sponsorship signage in the form of a “bezel” with your logo, branded colors, contact info, etc. as shown in the graphic on this page. Your logo can be placed at the bottom of the screen so that it’s visible at all times. You will receive the option of one image – a digital flyer – for your company to be broadcast throughout the networked system.

How it works: We will provide you with a list of potential locations, or you may suggest one. TekWav will communicate with the appropriate parties to ensure that the location is conducive to installation and viewership. We will work with both parties to help ensure a satisfactory arrangement.

What is the cost? Give us a call at 903-375-9787 Show Less

Current Locations

Here are the current locations of hosted TVs:


  • Lone Star Food Store Convenience/Gas Store at intersection of Morton/Lillis
  • Denison Chamber of Commerce Office


  • Sherman Chamber of Commerce Office
  • Tracks
  • Texas Roadhouse


  • Pottsboro Library

(More locations needed and currently adding more)


Past Community TV Promotions


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