Here’s a video on exactly how this service works:

In order to get the best signal possible, you must be within the Line-Of-Sight (LOS) of one of our local towers, located at the following locations:


  • On one of the grain silos (Downtown area)
  • Starr Water Supply Tower on Barbara Lane
  • Willowood Ranch and Chapel tower
  • Starr Water Supply Tower on Barbara Lane


  • Parkdale water tower (across from Walmart)
  • Diamond Pointe Condos near the end of Hwy 84 (right before you get to Grandpappy Point Marina)
  • Water Tower at North Texas Regional Airport (the big red and white checkerboard colored water tower)
  • Starr Water Supply Tower on Hwy 69 (East of Denison)
  • Loose Wheels of Texas restaurant/bar
  • Katy Depot (Downtown area)
  • Starr Water Supply Tower on Dripping Springs Rd
  • Private tower on S Fannin Ave
  • Private tower on Starr Rd
  • Pier 193 Apartments

Additional towers coming online soon. Please check back often for new areas.

If you can clearly see one of our towers, we can provide you with our wireless Internet Service. While some WISP’s will shoot through trees, buildings, and/or hills, we choose not to in order to bring you the best signal that we can. Having a strong signal will lower your latency and provide a high quality service.

If you’re not sure whether you’re within the line-of-sight of one of our towers, feel free to contact us and we’ll do a FREE Site Survey.




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